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Digital Marketing tips to improve your social marketing

Today, brands need to be hyper-focused on delivering experiences rather than delivering messages. To demonstrate this, Lyft and Uber, two ride-sharing companies provide a simialr platform that matches drivers with passengers, but they have two completely different messaging tactics. Uber

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Manage Enterprise Level Social Media from your Home Office

Most social marketers go to great lengths to find the best ways to share to social media. Social media management tools definitely help, and so do the tricks of the trade that social media marketers discover to save time every

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Branding Strategies for Digital Agencies

Do you need a better a way to identify yourself or your company and differentiate yourself from others? Do you have a social media branding strategy? The two should go hand-in-hand. The best and easiest branding happens on social media,

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Create a YouTube Account for your Business

It’s time you set up a YouTube account for your business. The YouTube stats speak for themselves: it’s a platform with over 1 billion users, that regularly reaches more 18 to 34 and 18 to 49 year-olds than any cable

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The Importance of Branded Submissions in Social Media

            What are Branded Submissions? The image above shows a Facebook post that was shared “via”.  This branded submission link directs readers to that site, increasing traffic and brand visibility.  With branded submissions, you

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Save $2,100 a Month Using a Content Submission Tool

Save $2,100 a Month Using a Content Submission Tool What would you do with $2,100 a month? If you’re manually submitting an average of 5 posts per week to 50 social media sites, you’re throwing away $2,100 a month in

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Using Content Submission Software to Drive Credible Backlinks

In the age of Google’s Panda and Penguin search algorithm changes, it has never been more important to scrutinize the quality of the footprints hitting your site.  But how do you attract the right traffic and drive credible backlinks? How

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Content automation submission tools for Bloggers, SEO and Marketing Professionals

Most SEO and marketing professionals and bloggers know that the only way to drive more free traffic to a website or blog is to have high search engine rankings. To achieve high search engine rankings quickly and efficiently, most individuals

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Enterprise Content Submission Tools

In the area of Enterprise content submission tools, OnlyWire is the software that stands out above the rest. OnlyWire provides Enterprise customers with unlimited user accounts and access to live support and Captcha Solver (a finalization service). Whether the need

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