Manage Enterprise Level Social Media from your Home Office

Most social marketers go to great lengths to find the best ways to share to social media.

Social media management tools definitely help, and so do the tricks of the trade that social media marketers discover to save time every day.

This is especially true for busy agencies who run social media marketing in addition to a slew of other services. The folks at onToplocal, a digital agency from Gilbert, AZ most definitely fit this mold, juggling social media management on top of content, reviews, video production and so much more.

Their team manages a social profiles for a few thousand small businesses! And they do so with some really smart infrastructure that help them save time and gain great results for their clients. The onTopLocal team has been doing this for a decade+ and has been an OnlyWire Enterprise customer since 2012. Here’s a bit more about how this high volume agency manages all that work.

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If I don’t have a whole lot of time, I can still, very quickly, schedule a week’s worth of posts. When you’re managing as many accounts as we are that’s incredibly valuable.

– Troy Howard, onToplocal

The agency journey: From web design to social media

Like many other marketing agencies, onToplocal began as something else entirely: a Google listing service.

Then they added content and video.

Then digital marketing, SEO, social media, and most anything else the client might need.

This seems to be the path that many agencies take, embracing a full-client service to help clients succeed in whatever way they can. Social media has become a significant focus for the onToplocal team and their clients. Project Manager Troy Howard, who leads up onTop’s social efforts, believes it’s all due to the time it takes to do social media right.

Many business owners are strapped for time and need help delivering a consistent presence on social media.

We’re a marketing agency nowadays and we kind of started out just graphic design and we added websites. As people wanted more stuff we did more stuff.

We deal with a lot of small “mom and pop” businesses. We do have some that are multi-million dollar companies, and we have a lot of them that are two to five people or it’s their home business.

We find that most business owners don’t have time to do a lot of their own marketing – especially content and social.

They don’t have time to do their social media, they don’t have time to write blogs, they don’t have time to do all that stuff.  We do as much as we can for these clients: maintaining their website, keeping their social media profiles updated. If they have an event coming up, we help them get the event organized and promoted, do the marketing and design for their printed materials.  We roll everything all into one package. We become their marketing department.

Social media is one of those things that they don’t seem to have time to deal with.

Honestly, there are thousands of accounts we manage in OnlyWire, and that number grows consistently over time as we sign more clients. We’ve got a slew of new websites to build, and there will be more accounts getting added in to OnlyWire as we get those websites completed. We have a full-time team just doing the social media stuff.


Workflows: How to manage thousands of social accounts

Social media has become a full-time job for the team at onToplocal. There are several other jobs still to do!

How do you maximize the time spent on social, while still saving away enough hours to get work done elsewhere?

Troy and the team use OnlyWire for their social media management, and within the platform, they’ve found some useful tools for working smart and saving time. Here are three tools that stand out as time-saving ways to share quickly, share smartly, and keep track of a few thousand social profiles.

1. Using the Enterprise Unlimited users, groups and teams to share to multiple places at once

Often, Troy will find that the same content will work great for a client on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Instead of creating the same update, one-at-a-time, for each of these networks, Troy shares all at once. Each client has its own group within OnlyWire so that Troy and his team can share quickly to all connected social profiles for the client.

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When I’m scheduling stuff for a client, because I’m posting to more than one account, I’m always using those groups.

A lot of times we’ll have three people’s LinkedIn plus their Facebook and their Twitter and Google Plus — I’m posting to several accounts at a time.

2. Sharing from the couch: OnlyWire is mobile friendly

Another way to save time on social media marketing is to do your sharing and scheduling whenever you have a free moment.

Sometimes, those moments come on the couch.


I have two small children, and when I’m waiting for them to go to sleep at night is when I use OnlyWire on my phone. I’m sitting on the couch and my phone is in my hand, so it’s handy to be able to get work done. I’ve done a lot with OnlyWire, just sitting on the couch waiting for my kids to fall asleep.

It’s amazing how much work I can actually do from my cell phone nowadays. It’s very nice to have that ability to schedule things from the phone by hand when I’m on the couch or out and about.

With social monitoring, too, I’m constantly — this is a lot of times another one of those things I do while I’m waiting on my kids to go to sleep — going in and monitoring the comments and likes in the OnlyWire Monitoring Tools and Analytics. You get a feel for what type of posts are working and what’s not just from being in the accounts and looking at them.

3. Automation client sites using the OnlyWire Automating tools

Managing thousands of customers all with their own websites and blogs and social accounts can be very daunting.  We are only able to do it all with the OnlyWire suite of automation tools.  This automates every website and blog to 50+ social networks so all we have to do is upload the content once and it is shared to 50.

There are some really amazing automation tools to help with the management: OnlyWire RSS and ATOM feeds, browser extensions, WordPress plugin, share buttons and the OnlyWire Developer API.


When we switched over to OnlyWire, I use an OnlyWire automation tool for every customer. When I set up the OnlyWire automation tool – I can just walk away and watch it feed to social automatically.

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