5 SEO Tips for Beginners


New to SEO? Don’t worry because SEO is always changing, so no matter what, there will always be

something new to learn. You just need to be patient because SEO isn’t something that becomes

profitable and works over night. You will need to take hours and hours of research and understanding

before you can have an effective SEO strategy. So to help you get started, we are going to go over 5

basic tips for SEO beginners.

Keywords Will Always be Important

Although there is a lot of talk about how keywords shouldn’t be a big part of our SEO strategies, we have

to remember that keywords are how Google and other major search engines index our pages. Without

the proper keywords, they would have no idea where to put our content and how relevant it is towards

the search terms.

Although we might not be able to keyword stuff our content like we did years ago, we can still make

sure to place the keywords in our titles, URLs, in our code, and a little throughout our content. You don’t

want to use the keyword to much within the content because that might end up looking unnatural and

could end up hurting your rankings. A good rule is to keep the density under 3% throughout all of the


Get a Healthy Link Profile

Google has consistently been updating their algorithms to counteract the spam type of link building that

we have seen in recent years. It is no longer about how many links you have out there, it’s about what

type of quality those links are. The higher quality links that you have pointing to your site, the better off

you will be.

There are a few things that determine what is considered a high quality link. You should be posting

your link in relevant areas that would be beneficial for the audience that is looking at the link. So for

example, if you are running a guest posting campaign, you are going to want to write on websites that

are relevant to your niche, have high authority, and have a quality website that receives regular traffic.

Quality Content

Search engines love unique content that is high quality. As soon as you start to post good quality

content, the search engines are going to know it and will put your content higher than the typical below

average article. You should never try to rush your content because the worse your content is, the worse

your overall rankings will be as well. Not to mention bad content doesn’t attract traffic, so either way,

bad content will get you nowhere.

Drive Traffic

Most people want to do SEO for more traffic, but what they don’t realize is that a lot of traffic helps SEO.

Once major search engines see that a website is getting a lot of attention, they will raise its rankings and

make them more of an authority within the search terms. So instead of just focusing on other aspects of

SEO, create an appealing website that people will love and try to market it on other places to attract a

few people and after a while you will start to see more and more people coming to your site.

There are plenty of online marketing methods that don’t have anything to do with SEO. You can market

on forums, use advertisement programs, social media marketing, and so much more. The important part

is to just focus on getting quality traffic.

Ensure Website Code is Clean and Effective

An important factor of SEO is to make sure the search engines have no problems crawling through your

website. If there is a lot of different code errors and unresponsive parts of your website, the spiders

might not be able to proceed, which risks parts of your website not being indexed. You need to make

sure that all of the code is correct and also ensure that each page has proper navigation. The more

internal links, navigation bars, and a site map, the better it is for spiders to find new content and index


There are plenty of other tips and tricks for beginners in SEO, but these 5 tips should get you headed in

the right direction.

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