Introducing OnlyWire 6.0

With OnlyWire 6.0, we created the fastest, easiest way to automate your website or blog posting to the top social networks. You’ll find new features and account settings to take your social media management to the next level.


We added these awesome NEW features:

  • Multiple Accounts Per Network – Do you have more than one Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account? Create multiple network accounts for each of our supported networks.

  • Network Groups – Have you ever sent a test post to a real account by accident? Group your social network accounts by function or type for easier posting and accuracy. Network Group examples: Personal, Business, Favorites, Test.

  • Teams – Are you responsible for multiple clients or teams? Group your users into Teams to manage multiple campaigns, clients and organizations on all your networks with OnlyWire Enterprise.

  • LiveWire – The LiveWire engagement console allows you to view and respond to comments posted on your primary networks. From one simple console, you can switch between social network accounts to prioritize your engagement.

  • Account Management – Now you have the power to pause submissions, update or cancel your account, and submit support tickets from your Account screen.

We kept your favorite Existing Features:

  • 50+ Networks – We continue to support the 50 leading social networks so that you can build new, vibrant followers.

  • Automation Tools – With our automation tools (RSS feeds, WordPress Plugin), OnlyWire will pick up your latest content and automatically post it to the social networks you have set up with OnlyWire. Just set it up and walk away!

  • Submission Brander – Submission Brander inserts your site or company name/url on each of your posts to increase your site traffic and brand visibility. Branded submissions are currently available for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Status Posts – You missed your Status posts, so we brought them back!

Learn more about our plans or sign up for a free trial of OnlyWire Lite (no credit card required).

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Arlene Lurey is the Social Media Manager at OnlyWire.
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