Save Money and Time With a Content Submission Tool

by Guest Blogger: Shane Barker

Save Money and Time With a Content Submission Tool
In these frugal times, we are often asked to do more with less.  How do you expand your social media presence while meeting your other marketing obligations, all with the same resources as before?  Red Bull and Starbucks can only get you so far!  Okay, here’s a hint: you can’t buy it or hire it.  The answer is simple: by saving time!  Time is the most important resource you have, but since you don’t have to report it to the IRS, you probably aren’t paying attention to how you’re spending it.  How much time do you spend posting on multiple social media sites to maintain your social presence?  Let’s see how your small business or startup can save time using a content submission tool.

What is a Content Submission Tool?
A content submission tool is used to automate posting to multiple websites or social communities.  After you sign up for an account, you enter profile information for your social media accounts and authorize the tool to post your content for you.  Some tools allow you to coordinate seamlessly across multiple team members.  For example, one person can draft a blog post or press release, another can make tweaks, and yet another can approve and publish the content.   With the click of a button, the final content is automatically posted to your social communities for you.  Various reporting features help you easily track what you have published and where it has been posted.

Free Yourself From Manual Posting
If you’re the manager, you decide which tasks are performed in-house and which jobs are outsourced.  If you’re the only one running the show, chances are you get to do it all!  Using a content submission tool frees you from manually posting your blogs, articles and press releases to social media sites.  You can focus your limited time and capital on quality content development, customer acquisition and customer retention.

Take Advantage of Automation Tools
When selecting a content submission tool, you’ll want to choose one that has automation tools such as Plugins and a developer API.  For example, a WordPress Plugin allows you to automatically submit your blog posts to multiple sites.  A developer API, or application program interface, is a way for different websites to communicate openly with each other for sharing content.  Rather than hiring a programming guru to accomplish the sharing by exchanging and embedding HTML or other code among websites, a developer API can do the sharing for you.

Track Your Content Submission Performance
So you’ve scheduled a bunch of content submissions to be automatically posted to social communities.  Now what?  Well, any useful content submission tool should come with a method of tracking results and monitoring performance.  You can optimize your efforts because you can see the actual web traffic and backlinks generated from social content sharing.  If you’re a consultant managing social content portfolios for multiple clients, you especially can benefit from using a content submission tool.

Get OnlyWire
A content submission tool like OnlyWire is a great way to automate your posts to multiple websites or social communities.  With over 50 social networks to choose from, you can post your content to unique communities that are not supported by competing solutions.  Here’s how it works‒ Sign up for an account, enter your social media profiles, and authorize OnlyWire to post your content to those sites.  Then all you do is upload your content, choose the sites to post to, and OnlyWire does the rest.  They have plugins to automatically push your WordPress posts and RSS feeds to the sites you set up with OnlyWire.  And if you have some coding experience, they also offer a developer API.  With plans starting at $12.99 per month and a free trial of 100 submissions, you have very little to risk and everything to gain.

What’s your experience with sharing content on social media?  Have you ever tried a content submission tool like OnlyWire?

Guest Blogger Shane Barker is a top-ranked social entrepreneur specializing in product development, marketing strategy and social media campaigns. He enjoys mentoring businesses and giving back to his community. Visit his personal blog at Shane Barker or check out his new startup, Modera 

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