The Importance of Keywords in Social Bookmarking

The Importance of Keywords in Social Bookmarking

What is your Keyword strategy?
You’ve relaunched your site with new branding and focused content.  You’ve set up profiles on the top social networks.  You’ve spent the last two weeks stockpiling fresh new posts.  You’re ready for launch!  Or are you…  Unless you’ve put careful thought into your keyword strategy, your social media plan is destined to fall short of expectations.

Here are some keyword strategy tips:
1) Use a keyword suggestion tool (Google AdWords) to get a start.
2) Once you’ve compiled a list of top keywords, integrate them into all your forms of communication (site pages, emails, social posts, print collateral).
3) Cycle your keywords in social posts to test their effectiveness.  For example, you might use “gentle math tutor” in all posts one week and the next week use “SAT math tutor”.
4) Change the nuance of your keywords to fit the social network you are using.  For example, on YouTube you might use “gentle math lessons” for your video post.  On LinkedIn you might use “gentle SAT math tutor”.  On WordPress you might use “the gentle math guy”.
5) For each social post, include your keywords in the title, url/filename, description/content and tags.

Keyword management with a Social Bookmarking Tool
The good news is‒ managing your keywords is easy with a social bookmarking tool!  Put your social bookmarking on autopilot with OnlyWire.  Schedule your posts for the week, choose from your favorite tags list, use Advanced Post to auto-fill content for all social networks, and then customize individually with slight changes.  Start using OnlyWire today.  Your first 100 submissions are free!  Sign me up now.

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