Save $2,100 a Month Using a Content Submission Tool

Save $2,100 a Month Using a Content Submission Tool

What would you do with $2,100 a month?
If you’re manually submitting an average of 5 posts per week to 50 social media sites, you’re throwing away $2,100 a month in lost productivity.  What would you rather do with that money?  You could rent a 1-bedroom co-op in NYC.  Or buy Pippa Middleton’s Gucci bag.  Or 1,050 Grande coffees at Starbucks.  You get the idea.

The time it takes to manually submit content
Let’s say it takes 3-5 minutes to manually submit content to one social media site (open your browser, log in to the social media site, try not to read other posts, insert your content, complete Captcha finalization, re-load to make sure the post submitted properly).  Now let’s say you need to submit that post to 50 social networks.  And let’s assume you are consistently producing an average of 5 original posts per week.

How much is 80 hours of your time worth?
According to leading salary websites (,, the average hourly wage for a marketing assistant in the United States is $25 per hour.  5 min. x 50 networks x 5 posts per week = 1250 minutes = 20.8 hours x $25/hr = $520 per week in manual posting x 4 weeks = $2,080 and if we round up…. $2,100!  You’re wasting $2,100 a month in lost productivity!

OnlyWire users save time
The average OnlyWire user submits 2 posts to 40 social networks per day, or 80 submissions per day.  OnlyWire users get 7 more hours per day to focus on content creation and relationship building.  What could you do with an extra 7 hours per day?

Start now
Using OnlyWire’s content submission tools (Advanced Post, WordPress Plugin, RSS Feed or API), you can automatically post content to 50+ top social networks starting at $12.99 per month.  Start using OnlyWire’s content submission tools now.  Your first 100 submissions are free!  Sign me up now.

OnlyWire is the fastest and easiest way to reach billions of readers by auto-submitting your content to the top 50 social networks.  Visit us at today.

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