The Importance of Social Bookmarking Software

I’m often asked, “What is the value of social bookmarking when it comes to promoting my product, service or content?  Why should I do social bookmarking instead of just a quick status post on Twitter?  My answer is simple.  Whereas a Twitter post consists of a shortened URL and a brief comment, social bookmarking allows you to send a link of your content as well as an image or notes (depending on the network).  With a bookmark post, people can link back to the source of the bookmark (your website, blog, or promotion).  

What is social bookmarking, and how does it relate to social media?  Wikipedia defines social bookmarking as “sharing bookmarks of web documents (primarily to a web URL) in an Internet Web browser.”  Social bookmarking is under the umbrella of social media.  When you are social bookmarking, you are sharing your web site’s URL with others through social media for the purpose of getting your message in front of the largest audience interested in your topic.

How do you get your message in front of that audience?  Few of us have time to personally submit content to all the top social bookmarking sites.  You need social bookmarking software to automatically post content to the top sites for you.  You submit your content to one place, and your post will be submitted on your behalf to all the social network sites you choose.

Put your social bookmarking on autopilot with OnlyWire.  With over 50 social networks supported, you can reach your readers where they feel most comfortable, and where you’ll have the most impact.

OnlyWire is the fastest and easiest way to reach billions of readers by auto-submitting your content to the top 50 social networks.  Visit us at today.

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