3 Reasons Why You Need a Content Aggregator

by Guest Blogger: Shane Barker

If you have a website, you know how important it is to offer fresh content on a regular basis. A content aggregator can be a great benefit if used wisely. Content aggregation can be done by an individual or by an organization who gathers content from across the World Wide Web. These aggregators gather content and distribute it according to their customer’s specifications.

Reason #1 to Use a Content Aggregator
The number one reason to use a content aggregator is to syndicate or rebroadcast content. Some content aggregators take content to display on their own sites. Others take content and route it to other sites around the web. Content types include links to other websites, photos and graphics, videos and text. Depending on the arrangement, either the aggregator or the creator of the content determine which submissions to post and on which sites.

Reason #2
Another reason to use a content aggregator is to reduce the time and effort required to update your website. Find an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed you want to follow and add that to your content aggregator’s RSS reader. Once you choose and subscribe to an RSS feed, your aggregator checks for fresh content and delivers the updated content to your site. This “pulls” your readers to your site, instead of “pushing” content such as email or IM’s onto your readers. It also gives readers the ability to easily unsubscribe.

If you’re worried about content integrity, you can select which content is shown in your aggregator’s RSS reader. Text such as title and author can be displayed, and you can choose to exclude content such as spam.

Reason #3
The third reason to use a content aggregator is to stay current on your favorite sites. This can be done by choosing aggregator software that integrates with portal sites, web browsers and email programs. The software retrieves syndicated content, interprets it, and gives you a consolidated view of the content on one screen or desktop application. So instead of visiting many individual sites to check for updates, you can see on one screen all the latest content (text, music, images, videos and podcasts) from your favorite sites. When used in conjunction with regular and valuable content creation, content aggregation can be a valuable tool to raise your search engine status and gain more followers.

Guest Blogger Shane Barker is a top-ranked social entrepreneur specializing in product development, marketing strategy and social media campaigns. He enjoys mentoring business and giving back to his community. Visit Shane Barker /@shane_barker 

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