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Onlywire.com: a Social Media Engine for Facebook

Do you have multiple social networking accounts? Are you part of a business looking to expand your clientele?  These days, the best way to get the word out about anything is through social media. That’s why the right site for you is Onlywire.com (www.onlywire.com). Onlywire.com is a social bookmarking service making it incredibly simple to control all of your social networking accounts like Facebook from one place.
Onlywire a social bookmarking service and engine allows professionals and even the average social networker to submit information to the most popular social media websites, all at one time from one place. Facebook.com, a leading Social Network, is a prominent service on OnlyWire. With Facebook.com growing in users every day, Onlywire.com is best for professionals seeking to generate interest from Facebook users.
With Onlywire, updates are sent to all of your networks at once, so you spend less time making sure you are getting the word out to everyone. Not only can you update all your websites at once, but this social bookmarking service allows users to bookmark videos, pictures, webpages, and any other media content to one site, where they can then share it through all of their networking sites. This is a surefire way to gain more traffic on the business’s website, granting the opportunity to spark many people’s interests.
Onlywire’s social bookmarking service is great for saving time and keeping your businesses thriving. Onlywire’s most important tools are the automation tools for your website or blog. They are easy to install, and once you have installed them, your site’s content automatically is shared on all of your social networks.
The OnlyWire Bookmark & Share button and Browser Bookmarklet allows browsers to share your site’s content on your site visitor’s social networks, creating a thread of helpful ways of getting your business known.
OnlyWire’s social bookmarking service offers a free trial of up to 300 submissions. After that, you can choose Onlywire Pro or Onlywire Enterprise, and your cost depends on the amount of submissions you post each month. Compared to other social bookmarking sites, such as Hootsuite, Addthis, ShareThis, Ping.fm, and Socialmarker, Onlywire offers the most comprehensive tools, services and features available.  These other services do not allow for multiple users, and they limit the number of websites users can post to. Onlywire.com encourages the posting to multiple sites, and can even solve captcha input for your submissions with the OnlyWire Captcha Solver.
If you are considering advertising online, then the Onlywire.com social bookmarking service is the perfect place for you and your business.

To learn more and compare the OnlyWire plans available, visit the OnlyWire Compare page or email OnlyWire at support@onlywire.com.  If you would like a product demo of OnlyWire Enterprise, please email sales@onlywire.com.

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