Finding the Best Social Bookmarking Software

If you make a number of blog posts, it can be hard to keep up with social bookmarking. You’ll need to log into LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Submitting your newest post or publication can be time consuming when you have a busy life. Yet not submitting to these sites can mean not getting the web traffic you need.

When you make your living from the Internet, you have to be sure that you do everything you can to drive traffic to your site. Social bookmarking software is one of the easiest ways to be sure that your website is posted where all of your potential visitors can find it. Bookmarking software works even better when you want to stay in touch with your web visitors.

It can get more complicated when you have multiple people updating your website. You want to avoid duplicating work, but you don’t want to miss posting to a social networking site. You also want to be sure that the right blurb is posted to each site, to be sure that you’re going to attract your target audience’s attention.

With all of these specifications, you may wonder if you’d ever be able to find social bookmarking software that meets all of your needs. Even once you do find this software, you may wonder if you’d be able to afford it. Finding something that meets your individualized requirements and stays affordable can be difficult.

OnlyWire is one of the software companies that you should consider when you’re looking for social bookmarking software. This automated software is easy to use, allowing you to publish to the social networking sites with the click of a button. You can even choose the monthly plan for your publishing, allowing you to keep costs down.

OnlyWire has two layers of plans. The Pro plan starts at $10 a month, allowing you to post up to 1000 updates to social networking sites with the push of a button. You can only have one user and one website. The Enterprise plan starts at $99 a month and is for companies with multiple people posting updates to multiple websites.

Each plan is fully scalable, and offers live support. You’ll still be able to have an RSS feed, and OnlyWire offers a plugin that works with WordPress. With a bookmark and share button, you’ll be able to communicate with your customers easily whenever you need.

To learn more and compare the OnlyWire plans available, visit the OnlyWire Compare page or email OnlyWire at  If you would like a product demo of OnlyWire Enterprise, please email

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