What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a term that has seen increasing use online since the mid 1990’s, but not everyone knows what it means. It refers to the process of finding, sorting, and sharing bookmarks on the Web. Social bookmarking services allow users to add descriptive tags to bookmarks and create a shared resource, instead of just saving a resource link for their own use. These services work for ordinary social purposes, or for professional, educational or business use.

For instance, a user who encounters a news article about innovations in Artificial Intelligence can quickly tag that article with descriptions such as “news,” “computer,” “technology,” “AI,” or many others. These tags make it easy for other users to sort through large quantities of media to find the specific items they’re looking for. Some sites may also allow users to rate the links they find according to useful content or relevance. This allows for a further-refined, better-distributed way of organizing information.

Who uses Social Bookmarking?
These tools work for both everyday and business purposes. Casual users, bloggers, marketing professionals and many others can transmit their ideas to the global community using these services. Social Bookmarking sites can also help in academia. A professor assigning a paper, for example, might bookmark a bibliography list, or a series of websites to kick start her students’ inquiries.

OnlyWire (www.onlywire.com), a service which allows quick and easy submission of content and social bookmarking to a wide array of social networking sites, is a prime example of how this phenomenon can be used to promote content across the web. OnlyWire lets publishers, bloggers, SEO and marketing professionals automatically submit content to leading social media websites. It prevents the need to individually login to a number of sites to get a message to the target audience.

Key features include a WordPress plugin, customizable Share Buttons and a Captcha processing service. Onlywire also offer several pricing plans, including a free trial for new users to try it out first, and an enterprise plan for users who need to maintain multiple accounts with one login. This affordable tool provides computer and mobile device access to 50+ of the top social networks, providing efficient access to a large audience.

To learn more and compare the OnlyWire plans available, visit the OnlyWire Compare page or email OnlyWire at support@onlywire.com.  If you would like a product demo of OnlyWire Enterprise, please email sales@onlywire.com.

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