Onlywire Adds Google+ As A New Service To It’s Social Bookmarking Software.

We are excited to announce that OnlyWire has added Google+ as a service to it’s current Social Medial Platform and Social Bookmarking software.  Google+ has quickly become a leading social media tool for bloggers, content providers and SEO Professionals and Onlywire’s Social Bookmarking Software is a great tool to be able to automate content submission.

A little more about Google+:
Google+ makes connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world. Share your thoughts, links, and photos with the right circles. Use easy and spontaneous video chat to strike up conversations with as many as nine people at a time. Get everyone on the same page with fast, simple, group chat. We’re very excited about the new approach to sharing we’ve created through Google+, and this is just the beginning.
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In addition to Google+, Onlywire recently launched a Customer Support site that includes a new ticketing system, Quick Start Guides, FAQ and Live Chat.  You can visit the new site at:

If you need further help with this new service, or any of our other features please send a message to or visit our support site at:

To get product information or to learn more, visit our site at: or send us a message to

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