Promote OnlyWire and Get Paid: through the OnlyWire Affiliate Program.

Why OnlyWire?
OnlyWire is the web’s leading Social Media platform for content submission to the web’s leading Social and Professional networking sites.  OnlyWire unifies all of your Social Media campaigns in one platform and saves users a ton of time. OnlyWire is automated and extremely efficient and can push your site’s content to 40+ social and professional networks.

Using OnlyWire’s automated platform will help drive large amounts of traffic to your site or blog and create credible backlinks from the web’s leading sites. All content providers, Bloggers, SEO Professionals and Marketing Managers should be using OnlyWire and will quickly see how easy it is to increase site visitors, traffic and backlinks.  OnlyWire is the best solution available.

Why join the OnlyWire Affiliate Program?
The OnlyWire Affiliate Program is a great way to make extra money for users who already love OnlyWire – especially for bloggers, content providers and webmasters. Many of your sites’ visitors have their own websites, and they want to have more traffic.  You can help struggling webmasters who lack traffic to their site by introducing the OnlyWire service to them. They will be amazed when they find out that their websites can be automatically submitted to networks like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Digg, and many more. You can inform your prospective customers that they can obtain numerous backlinks from credibal websites.

A great thing about OnlyWire is its price. Users get 300 submissions per month for Free and OnlyWire’s base paid package starts at only $10 per month for 1,000 submissions. That is a very small price to pay for having a website bookmarked in high profile networks. Many new bloggers have signed up because OnlyWire saves time and quickly pays for itself.

Anybody with a website can sign up for the OnlyWire Affiliate Program. You simply fill out a short form, and then you become an affiliate. The program works by giving you a unique affiliate code, and then you put up OnlyWire’s affiliate links on your website or blog.  Its that easy.

Whenever a customer clicks on your affiliate link, they are taken to the OnlyWire site and if they signs up, then you get paid for the sale and for the life of the customer. For any Free signs ups, when the user upgrades, you still get credit for it.

The OnlyWire Affiliate Program pays its affiliates up to a 20% commission for each sign up. It gets even better, because you receive commissions for the life of the customer’s account. So you can earn up to 20% every month from your customer’s subscription payment. That really can add up to a large amount of money when you start promoting OnlyWire to more and more customers.

It is easy and profitable to be an OnlyWire Affiliate. If you already have a blog or website, then it won’t cost you anything more to promote OnlyWire.  Just place the OnlyWire Affiliate links on your site and collect money for the sign ups. The better your marketing skills, the more money you will make.


How do I sign up?

To sign up or to receive further information, please visit the OnlyWire site at: or to receive additional help send us a message to

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