OnlyWire latest updates….

OnlyWire just published the following updates:

1. OnlyWire just published a new submitter:

OnlyWire Submitter version 1.0.36 is live to support service and additional GUI fixes for captcha processing.  You can find more details and see all of OnlyWires tools here:


2. service is now live.

This is for the WordPress hosted blogs (not self-hosted). This service will now publish content TO the blog (as opposed to the current WordPress plugin which is from the self hosted WordPress blog to OnlyWire).  This means you can now use OnlyWire to post blog posts to WordPress.  More blogging services will be added later.  To set it up, visit the site here:


If you need further help with these or any other features.  Send us a message to or visit our support site at:

To get product information or to learn more, visit our site at: or send us a message to

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