User “spotlight” on OnlyWire sponsored webinars.

User “spotlight” on OnlyWire sponsored webinars.

Beginning in the month of July, OnlyWire will begin to conduct user “spotlight webinars” to promote the Social Media marketing skills of its user base.   If you feel your company has a unique offering or a skill related to Social Media that the rest of the world (and the OnlyWire 200,000+ users) should learn about, please send a message to

Why is OnlyWire spotlighting its users?

OnlyWire has a very diversified and talented user base of 200,000+ Social Media marketers and within this vast user base are some very talented Social Media marketers.  OnlyWire wants to “tap into” this knowledge base to help better educate its users through these webinars.

These webinars will also be an excellent way to promote your business to the entire OnlyWire user base – not to mention be in front of the 2MM+ daily page views on

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To learn more about about how you can promote your services on an OnlyWire Webinar, please contact us at

To learn more about the OnlyWire solution, visit OnlyWire at: or email OnlyWire at


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