How to contact OnlyWire

We have built a lot of sources to reach the team at OnlyWire and we want to hear from you on how much you love us (“…we wish it were that easy”).  Seriously though, the OnlyWire team is available should you need us and there are many venues to reach us at – whether it is a technical question, a product request, or you need extra training with OnlyWire Enterprise. We are available through all sorts of channels. Just pick your favorite one – or all of them!

Let’s run down the list of ways to reach us:


Support/Billing/Technical issues:


You can use our simple support form, detailed FAQ and Quick Start Guide or email us directly at You will get a timely and informative response.

Twitter is an amazing tool for reaching out to those using OnlyWire. We monitor what people are saying and if you have an issue, whether you tell us directly or not, you better believe we’ll get in touch and do our best to make sure you are a happy customer. Go ahead and and follow us.
Facebook pages aren’t only for showing off your product or brand, but more importantly are another channel for users and customers to have a voice. Please visit our page and drop us a line.
This is a great source to learn more about OnlyWire (and its the easiest to update).  Please post a comment whenever you have any feedback. Feedback is SO important to us, as it’s what we use to make our product better for YOU.

The OnlyWire team hopes this encourages you to reach out to us whenever you feel the urge. Even if you are just saying how much you love us.  🙂

The OnlyWire Team

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