Social Networking Tool on Steroids

It began with addressing a simple dilemma that encompasses any and all publishers of web content…How can we simplify and turbo-charge the process of allowing any creator of web content to submit their content through a Social Networking Tool – e.g. an article, a video, a simple status post or a bookmark to over 45 of the most popular, high-traffic networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?
If you’re a publisher like the “E” Network who writes a story about Lindsay Lohan or any other public figure, how would you publish it to 45 different sites to drive the most traffic to that article and ultimately, to your branded websites?  Manually logging in and posting that content to each site would take hours.  Frankly, manual submissions waste both time and money. OnlyWire’s Social Networking Tool makes submitting content literally painless – i.e. OnlyWire is fast, efficient, cost-effective and simple.
And what about those sites that require the lovely Captcha import that’s barely recognizable to the person who knows the letters A through Z on a keyboard.  The popular sites love Captcha while publishers and enthusiasts don’t.  Someone has to keep out the wolves.  Captcha is a piece of cake for OnlyWire.  OnlyWire has that solved since it auto-enters the Captcha for you.
All of this equates to one thing – we want you to focus on writing beautiful articles about beautiful things and beautiful people.  Let OnlyWire’s Social Networking Tool submit that content for you with the push of one button.  Yes, a massive, multi-point distribution system for your online content.  Then, check out OnlyWire’s analytics to see how your submissions posted, who read them and in general, determine how effective your content was in connection with your overall marketing campaign.
Onward and upward and most of all – thank you !
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